Cloud Billing & Margin Optimization Software

Manage pricing, billing, invoices, and price books for software and infrastructure bundles. Optimize infrastructure level costs to generate additional margin.

Consumption or Subscription Billing

Orbitera simplifies and streamlines the creation, management, invoicing and billing for custom SKUs of products and services sold. Combine usage billing with recurring subscriptions to optimize your revenue mix. Bill customers based on time periods at the level of granularity preferred  – hours, days, months, etc., on the volume of compute resources, or on a recurring basis.

Customizable Pricing

Customize pricing for any product, linked or un-linked to the underlying cloud infrastructure costs and cloud provider pricebook.

Third Party Cloud Billing Integration

Complete integration with cloud infrastructure provider billing data allows for accurate parsing of detailed billing data and easily segregates customer-level billing reports.

Custom Price Books

Orbitera’s technology for integrating 3rd party cloud providers allows a reseller/ISV or SaaS provider to define the prices they charge customers. Prices can vary across the customer base. Custom pricebooks are applied to actual customer usage data on everything included in the pricebook or on only certain line items or tier levels.

Margin Optimization

Custom pricebooks link to the cloud infrastructure provider’s master pricebook and as your costs change, customers’ prices can change in lockstep. This ensures that margins are maintained as a percentage or fixed price markup, as costs fluctuate.

Volume Tiers

Preserve your volume tier discounts as a reseller, ISV or SaaS provider, and appropriately charge customers on their own usage by re-tiering their charges. Usage tiers can be defined by the cloud provider pricebook or customized through the custom pricebooks feature. Support plans can also be completely customized with minimum or maximum charges and customer tiering and re-tiering.

AWS Reserved Instance (RI) Allocation

Accurately allocate reserved instances based on the customer that purchased them.

AWS RI Optimization

Orbitera analyzes all usage data included within a consolidated bill and applies an algorithm that recommends RI purchases to enhance profitability. Customizable ‘guard rails’, such as length of RI purchases and options to keep the benefits of RI optimization, or pass these benefits on to customers, are also available. Seamless integration with custom pricebooks masks RI usage from customers that did not purchase the instances themselves.
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