Bringing harmony to Cloud Commerce

The Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform enables multi-channel software delivery and commerce on cloud platforms. Orbitera helps software vendors, service providers, system integrators and channel organizations sell and distribute cloud-ready solutions and services. It also makes it easier for enterprise and SMB customers to buy, deploy, and manage software in the cloud.
The Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform impacts the lifecycle of cloud commerce. It helps providers 1) grow revenue by packaging applications to be cloud ready 2) accelerate direct sales and enable channel based sales in the cloud and 3) engage with customers to discover and use cloud ready solutions.
Package software for the cloud infrastructure of their customers’ choice
Provision dynamic customer trials
Sell software through online marketplaces
Enable channel ecosystems to sell via parent marketplaces or their own
Deliver custom pricing based on usage or subscription models
Generate accurate monthly bills by customer tier
Manage leads with integration to marketing automation and CRM systems
The Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform offers four key sets of capabilities:
Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform
Sellers in the
Distributors & Resellers
System Integrators
Managed Service Providers
Packaging & Provisioning Orbitera Packaging Standard Single Click Deployment Workflows
Billing & Cost Optimization Invoicing Payment and Fulfillment Operations Reconciliation & Reporting
Marketplace & Catalogs Price Books Pricing Models Optimizations
Trials & Lead Management Cloud Trials Marketing Dashboards
Customers in
the cloud
Downstream Resellers
Callback Framework
Curated Catalog