Cloud Marketplace Platform

Accelerate direct sales and empower channel organizations to sell in the cloud with flexible and streamlined online marketplaces.

Direct Sales Marketplace/Catalog

The Orbitera Platform helps build feature rich and customizable marketplaces. Customers can search for solutions, self educate on value propositions, launch cloud trials, request POCs, and purchase directly from the catalog.

Product Bundling

Combine products, services, and support plans in any configuration, with multiple tiers, pricing options, and features available per bundle while maintaining transparency of deployment and usage. Underlying cloud computing and infrastructure costs can also be bundled with the application itself.

Customer Portal

Give customers self-service access to their data with an Orbitera dashboard embedded in your own customer portal. Customers can use this portal to view their subscriptions, cloud usage data, and analytics while prospects can buy products and services here too.

Multi-Tier Marketplace for Ecosystem Enablement

Extend the benefits of Orbitera to downstream channel partners. Resellers and channel members can leverage the platform to market, expose, and sell their products and services with the ISV’s software solutions while enjoying the benefits of billing, trials, lead management. Cross list products in partner and reseller marketplaces, both upstream and downstream.
  • Reseller Dashboard – Grant resellers access to marketplace volumes and robust reporting to manage subscriptions and product purchases.
  • Listing and Selling Control – Control which partners and resellers can list products on your marketplace. Allow partners and resellers to control which shared products are sold on their own marketplaces.
  • Multi-tier Pricebooks – Allow suppliers to build and manage their own consumption pricing. Manage versions and customized margins automatically.
  • Channel Program Management – Implement and support a wide variety of channel programs, pricing models and structures, (including bonus, referrals, rev share and more) to further incentivize channel sales. Run discounts and promotions and control their use by reseller or customer.
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