Our Customers

We’re proud to count some of the best and brightest software, hardware, services and channel companies among our customers. Orbitera customers around the world represent a diversity of industries from security software to Managed Service Providers and cloud resellers to database vendors and big data providers.


With Orbitera we’ve been able to cut our bill processing time down to a couple hours. Where it used to take a week, it’s done quickly and we can use the time saved to concentrate on our clients.
-Stephen Garden | Director of Cloud Services
Case Study Excerpt:
“We used to have lots of queries. Specifically, clients would want to know about specific charges – it caused us and them extra time to research each item. Now we don’t have those requests and we’ve increased our billing by 5x in a short time-frame.”


“At F5 we are proud of being a market leader in the ADC and Security markets.  Orbitera has been our partner of choice in the development of automated AWS TestDrives to help provide F5 customers with simple, fast, and effective way to familiarize themselves with F5 capabilities in the Cloud.”
– Damir Vrankic | Director of Product Management – Cloud and New Business Models


“First impressions mean a lot in software sales. With Orbitera, our prospective customers can be up and running with a demo instance of Sophos UTM in minutes. This saves our sales team time and results in more satisfied customers.”
– Marty Ward | Vice President, Product Marketing
Case Study Excerpt:
Working with Sophos, Orbitera developed a proof-of-concept environment that Sophos customers could launch with a single click. … Sophos is able to followup with customers through their marketing automation solution to provide customers with options for purchase, or with a longer-term POC if necessary.

Sturdy Networks

“Knowledge is power, and with Orbitera, we can provide our customers with up-to-the-minute data on their cloud infrastructure usage so they can control costs and avoid surprises at billing time.”
-Yusuf Shirazi
Case Study Excerpt:
Customers receive timely data through the customer portal that is integrated into Sturdy Network’s website. Sturdy Networks has accurate billing data and invoices and maintains full control over the pricing for cloud services without having to manually intervene in spreadsheets.

Our Customers

Our customers’  success is a testament to our journey in transforming cloud commerce together.