Packaging & Provisioning

Transform complex, full-stack solutions into easy to use cloud packages. Native cloud automation provides single click deployment on infrastructure of choice.

Native Integration to Third Party Cloud Automation

Customers can automatically and seamlessly purchase cloud solutions with just a few clicks. Orbitera’s robust integration with third party cloud infrastructure providers allows scripts and images to be deployed directly into new or existing customer cloud accounts, and onto recently purchased infrastructure using a best-practices approach that is fully supported by the providers.

Bundle Products, Services, and Support

Store widgets can be placed on any website, giving MSPs the ability to bundle products and services. Tiered support plan options, customizable service offerings, and a partnership with Orbitera Support give you the ability to tailor your customers’ experiences.

Public Cloud Deployment

Customers can deploy the cloud ready solutions on the infrastructure of their choice. Orbitera supports Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM, ViaWest, Acronis, SingleHop, SoftLayer and Intermedia.

Automatic Pricebook Updates

Maintain margins and price breaks and uplifts with automatic imports and updates of live pricebooks from your cloud provider. Create customized price books that track cloud provider pricing on a fixed dollar or percentage basis. 

Parsing Scripts

Orbitera parses cloud native scripts such as Google Cloud Deployment Manager, AWS CloudFormation or Azure Resource Manager templates so that the platform knows which product to package and provision for the cloud. Orbitera also parses the parameters in these scripts, enabling ISVs to control which parameters customers are able to control, and which are hard-coded. Parameters for cloud infrastructure monitoring, automatic backups, auto-restore, single click version upgrades, resource scaling, and status logs can also be added to the Deployment scripts and Orbitera monitors the status of provisioning.

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