2017 was the greatest year ever! Orbitera has been running full steam ahead this year, and the technology is taking us to amazing places. As the year draws to a close we reflect back on the advances we have seen this year.

Admin Portal Redesign

  • We updated the look and feel of Orbitera. It’s more than a fresh coat of paint, we also reorganized certain pages to make them more intuitive and easier to use.

Budget Management Launch

  • We launched budget management that enables partners to configure budgets and notifications for their multi-cloud spend. [Blog Post]
    • The introduction of Orbitera’s budgeting feature is a major step in proactive and actionable monitoring of cloud spend, and one that our customers have been asking for to better manage their budgets. As a reseller and cloud advisory partner, the ability to set a budget across a specific timeframe, instead of month to month, gives us a powerful solution for mitigating credit-risk associated with cloud spend.” – Tony Safoian, CEO & President, SADA Systems

Catalog v2

  • Launch – As part of Orbitera’s white-label marketplace offering, the catalog allows end users to browse, discover, procure and provision solutions. On 8/31, we launched the newly rewritten and redesigned Catalog v2. [Blog Post]
  • Localization – We launched localization for Orbitera platform content in the Catalog v2. We now have support for German, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.


  • AWS Floating Reserved Instances Support –  Launched support for AWS’s new flexible Reserved Instances in the AWS billing pipeline. [Blog Post]
  • Azure Pass-Through Price Book Support – Launched Azure pass-through price book support allowing our customers to just use Azure’s price book to reflect their cost.
  • Azure Billing Tagging Support – Launched support for tagging in Azure billing to enable custom cost allocation for our customers.
  • Azure CSP Tier 2 – Launched support for Microsoft’s new 2-Tier distribution feature in v1 for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs, i.e., distributors and resellers) which tracks consumption per reseller.
  • Custom Fields for Azure and SaaS Billing – We added custom fields into our Azure and SaaS DBRs. These Orbitera custom fields allow for grouping and filtering in a unified multi-cloud setting.
  • AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) Flexible RIs Support LaunchAmazon announced flexible RIs for AWS RDS in October. We were able to quickly add support for this in our AWS billing pipeline on November 2.
  • Detailed Billing Report (DBR) Export for Azure and SaaS – We launched the new Detailed Billing Report Export for Azure and SaaS on 11/16. The DBR Export provides billing data at the same granularity as the original cloud provider’s billing report, but with the appropriate custom pricing applied. This allows partners and customers to analyze and manipulate the data in a highly customizable way. In addition, we enabled partners to export customer Azure and SaaS Detailed Billing Reports (DBR) directly to the customer.

Dashboard and Reports

  • v2 Billing Reports – Launched on 6/5, the new billing reports UI allows for customizable columns, date ranges and CSV reports.
  • GCP Billing Reports Latency Improvement – The retrieval time for large GCP billing reports was significantly reduced with some optimizations implemented.
  • Saved Billing Reports – Partners are now able to save customized views of their billing reports. Partners don’t have to constantly reapply their custom filtering and selections to their billing reports.
  • Dashboard Latency Optimization – We improved the page load time for our Dashboard page.
  • Azure Reports v1 Query Optimization – We reduced the time to retrieve v1 Azure reports via our API.
  • AWS RI Optimization Report for Regional RIs Launch – We launched our new AWS RI Optimization Report on 11/16. This report will evaluate a customer’s usage and recommend the optimal number of RIs for maximum cost savings.
  • Reports v2 Caching Launch – We improved the page load times for standard reports v2 and saved reports. For example, the latency for one Azure billing report went from 3.2 minutes to 3.3 seconds.

API Deployment and Callback enhancements

  • We’ve enhanced the Orbitera Marketplace API with new events, new variables, and the ability to chain API calls for extensive deployments.[blog post]

Thanks to all of you, our customers and partners, for inspiring us with your ideas and your business. We do all of this work to help you build your businesses, and we’re looking forward to doing even more in 2018.

If you’re using Orbitera Billing and Cost Management, White-Label Marketplaces, or Automated Test Drives, maybe next year is a good time to check out the other modules. Like all good partners, they are stronger together.

Happy holidays and happy new year everybody!