Cloud computing and cloud commerce are growing. And with that, enterprises are increasingly deploying and running software in the cloud.

If you aren’t making it easy for customers to find, purchase, and deploy your software on cloud you can bet your competitors are. If you weren’t aware, the success of cloud services is predicated on the ease with which customers can buy and use services, and the ability of ISVs to deliver these services.

Can you do this? Do you have the tools? Do you have the knowhow?

As businesses buy fully-managed cloud-based services – the pay-as-you-go, use-what-you-need, and try-before-you-buy services – their customers are demanding a change in the role of sales rep. ISVs are going from gatekeeper to enabler and to succeed an ISV must adapt to that model by offering transparency and the very services people can get themselves. This means looking ahead.

Forward thinking ISVs are embracing the principles of cloud consumption to enterprise software. It’s already prevalent within the AWS marketplace and Azure marketplace, where customers can browse solutions and deploy them onto the aforementioned platforms.

Although marketplaces still play a critical role by allowing consumers to educate themselves, they present challenges for ISVs. Specifically, the ISV of tomorrow needs to know how to stand out against the other available solutions, connect with customers, and maintain control over distribution.

How do ISVs accomplish this? Through a few strategic decisions that reinforce the value of cloud solutions.

These decisions, related challenges and even a case study on the changing landscape of cloud solutions are included in our latest eBook, Clarity in the Cloud. The ISV’s Guide to Doing Business in the Cloud. Download this valuable document below to find out exactly how ISVs can capitalize on the opportunities in today’s cloud-based economy.

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