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Notes and comments on Cloud Commerce

2017: A Year in Review at Orbitera

2017 was the greatest year ever! Orbitera has been running full steam ahead this year, and the technology is taking us to amazing places. As the year draws to a close we reflect back on the advances we have seen this year. Admin Portal Redesign We updated the look and...

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Enhance and Extend Orbitera with API Callbacks

The Orbitera platform provides several customization options for white-label marketplaces.  You are able to customize your white-label marketplace by modifying the background, banner, colors, categories, links, and you can even set up your own vanity URL. That said,...

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Multi-Cloud Marketplace: Best Practices

Cloud marketplaces are now a strategic imperative for ISVs and resellers: customers of all sizes expect a vendor platform where they move from discovery to procurement to ongoing solution management. By 2019, 30% of the top 100 ISVs will be cloud-only, and many will...

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Tracking Cloud Costs and Usage with Orbitera Budgets

Cloud has changed the infrastructure game. In an on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud world, you need to manage your cost or risk runaway costs. Cloud, by nature of its elasticity and often decentralized control framework makes it easy to spin up new workloads that can cost...

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Got a second for AWS or GCP? Orbitera Cloud Billing Does.

Cloud software vendors and service providers often talk about about consumption pricing as charging "by the drink" but in light of this news from Google Cloud Platform, and this news from Amazon Web Services, they might just have to start saying, "by the drop." As of...

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An All New Look for Orbitera Catalog

We’re excited to announce the release of a revamped Orbitera catalog with all new product details and test drive pages! You can access the new catalog and test drives in your Orbitera account by enabling the new “Use V2 Catalog” setting under Catalog in Account ->...

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Platform Enhancements and Cloud Provider Updates

A lot has been happening here at Orbitera, and we want to keep you up to date. Please take the time to review all of the new features and announcements that have been launched in the last month. Orbitera Platform Enhancements Reports V2 New to the Billing module is...

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Understanding Reserved Instance Flexibility

In March 2009 Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced an innovative new pricing model for buying cloud compute capacity, Reserved Instances (RIs), which enabled customers to make an upfront commitment at a resource level with two key benefits: Discounted pricing - cheaper...

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