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Notes and comments on Cloud Commerce

Platform Enhancements and Cloud Provider Updates

A lot has been happening here at Orbitera, and we want to keep you up to date. Please take the time to review all of the new features and announcements that have been launched in the last month. Orbitera Platform Enhancements Reports V2 New to the Billing module is...

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Understanding Reserved Instance Flexibility

In March 2009 Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced an innovative new pricing model for buying cloud compute capacity, Reserved Instances (RIs), which enabled customers to make an upfront commitment at a resource level with two key benefits: Discounted pricing - cheaper...

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Orbitera Acquired by Google

We are excited to announce that Orbitera has been acquired by Google. When we first started Orbitera, our mission was to enable frictionless sales of cloud-based enterprise software and services. Becoming part of the Google Cloud Platform team allows us to continue...

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The 451 Research Take on Orbitera

Everything seemingly happens at once in the technology field. Take for instance the buzz around cloud services companies and their growing dominance of the software as a service market. Then examine how one task – and one group of tireless experts at an innovative...

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