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Notes and comments on Cloud Commerce

Fee For Cloud Services is the Future

It’s right there in black and white and hyperlinked to a variety of charts and graphs…the cloud is the future and the biggest revenue stream via the cloud is going to be from service offerings. While this news broke in the middle of April in an article in Barron’s,...

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A Detailed Cloud Billing Q&A With Matt Leonard of Orbitera

Expertise in the cloud services industry is a vital component for any business evaluating strategy, products and their next steps. As the landscape changes - more competition across both public and private cloud infrastructure - gaining a competitive advantage is key....

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Consumption Models Eating Traditional IT’s Lunch

“Don’t believe everything you hear” is a good maxim for our hype-soaked media landscape, but it’s also good sense to pay attention to what the smart people say, and where the smart money goes. A few very smart analysts from JP Morgan made comments in early April...

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Three Things ISVs Need to Know About Cloud Commerce

There are three challenges ISVs face when trying to increase margin, boost sales and continue success. These are Disintermediation, Operations and Control. If cloud commerce is truly your goal, then get on board and figure out how to capitalize on these challenges!...

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