Enabling the Lifecycle of Cloud Commerce

What is Cloud Commerce?

Cloud commerce is more than just buying and selling any type of software in the cloud, it includes bringing together the whole ecosystem of cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) across different cloud providers at every step from trials and lead management to marketplaces and deployment to billing and cost management.

Cloud commerce not only enables direct sales in the cloud but it also empowers cloud resellers, managed service providers and system integrators with pricing models from simple resale to consumption and subscription. Multi-tier channel organizations and multi-department enterprises can create and manage channel programs and cost allocation models to suit their needs.

The Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform

The Orbitera platform enables multi-channel software commerce on cloud platforms. Orbitera helps software vendors, service providers, system integrators and channel organizations sell and distribute cloud-ready solutions and services across multiple cloud providers. It also makes it easier for enterprise and SMB customers to buy, deploy, and manage software in the cloud.

Orbitera enables the whole lifecycle of multi-cloud commerce. We help:

  • grow revenue by packaging applications for cloud delivery and billing
  • engage with customers to discover, try and buy cloud ready solutions
  • accelerate direct sales and enable channel based sales in the cloud
The Cloud Commerce Journey: Billing, Pricing, Channel Partners, Marketplaces, Trials, Packaging, and Leads Management
The Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform: Billing, Marketplaces, and Test Drives

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