Expertise in the cloud services industry is a vital component for any business evaluating strategy, products and their next steps. As the landscape changes – more competition across both public and private cloud infrastructure – gaining a competitive advantage is key. The one way to ensure you have a leg up on your rivals and are able to offer more to your customers is to know more about your business by understanding your cloud billing transactions.

Matthew Leonard is the Vice President of Product at Orbitera and his role at the cloud commerce firm is to assist organizations make smarter cloud-billing decisions. With cloud spending trending higher, Leonard sees an increase in the number of questions he gets about the role cloud billing plays for all companies.
In this short video, we ask Leonard to explain the importance of detailed transactions in a billing solution and to identify exactly who benefits when there’s a better solution on the table. Enjoy!

As you heard, it’s critical for cloud services companies to know how much data is being used and where. Further, getting cloud commerce questions answered by the experts can put one company on a faster track to increased profits and stability.

If you still have questions about detailed cloud billing, the products offered by Orbitera, or how product and service marketplaces are changing almost daily, talk to the experts. Send an email to Matt Leonard at

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