As you read through a number of the news and feature articles on the Orbitera blog, you’ve likely gotten a wealth of information about the business environment. You’ve learned about events in cloud commerce, the marketplaces (with news from MSFT and AWS), and you’ve probably smiled a little at our take on some industry events.

Today, we wanted to take a more pragmatic approach to your business as a solutions reseller and show you some of what goes on behind the Orbitera curtain. This is the first in an occasional series of articles that will help you in the best ways to leverage our tools to build your business.

We know cloud billing solutions aren’t the most exciting thing you’re dealing with each day, but these solutions are what separate extremely successful resellers from the rest of the flock. Let us know how we can continue to help you succeed by leaving a comment below or by emailing us at

Now let’s get started with a quick chat about default features on your Orbitera account.

Our team has put together an entire knowledge base of articles to help you be most efficient in applying cloud billing solutions to the products you’re reselling. The article we’re looking at today is on setting up your default features so you can leverage them across all your cloud commerce customers.

As you’ll see if you click on the link above, the article walks you through navigation, sign-up options and a customer portal. Further, it gives you multiple portal options for your customers. The dashboard also allows you to set up branding so the page you use when working with your customers looks consistent with the rest of your marketing.

From the simple instructions, “You can assign font colors associated to the title and subtitle – select the appropriate color next to the title or subtitle. The image will be visible at the top of the page.”

Moving on, you have complete control over invoicing and when those invoices get sent out. Especially if you’re leveraging AWS, you can decide whether to invoice immediately or end of month. You can even exclude Reserved Instance (RI) purchases from the billing report.

Perhaps one of the most sought-after features is the detailed bill we generate for your AWS bill. This can then be put into its own file for your records and for ease of access. As the instructions state, “Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform Control includes and advanced feature called AWS Detailed Bill that allows you to separate your detailed billing data into its own file, separate from other consolidate billing data. This feature allows resellers to use third party tools that require access to programmatic billing data.”

In a nutshell, this is just one of the knowledge base articles we’ve created to help you be more efficient in your cloud-billing process. If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact us directly at