White-Label Marketplace

Enable customers to find and purchase your solutions on multiple cloud providers, direct or through your channel

Self-service storefront

Self-Service Storefront

Enable your customers to search your solutions, educate themselves on value propositions, launch cloud trials, request POCs and purchase directly from your marketplace. Grant customer access to a portal to view their subscriptions, cloud usage and analytics.

Packaging and Deployment

Sell any combination of software products, managed services, infrastructure and support plans in any configuration, with multiple pricing tiers, options, and features. Set prices and maintain margin control. Deploy on public cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, on-prem and more.

Packaging and deployment
Integrated dashboard

Integrated Dashboard

Track trials, purchases, billing, and usage in a single pane of glass. Share the data with your ERP and other system to create granular invoices. Measure and monetize consumption across platforms.

Channel Management

Enable multiple tiers of partners to implement and support a wide variety of programs, pricing models and structures to accelerate sales of your solutions. Cross-list products in partner and reseller marketplaces, both upstream and downstream. Incentivize partners with discounts and promotions including bonuses, referrals, revenue sharing and more.

Channel management

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