We’re excited to announce the release of a revamped Orbitera catalog with all new product details and test drive pages!

You can access the new catalog and test drives in your Orbitera account by enabling the new “Use V2 Catalog” setting under Catalog in Account -> Options and saving.

Orbitera Catalog screen

Once enabled, the new catalog is accessed at https://youraccount.orbitera.com/v2c/catalog. You should update any links to the catalog that you currently use to access it as the old catalog will no longer be available. We also recommend previewing the catalog to make sure your existing logo and images fit with the new styling. You can disable the new catalog by unchecking the setting for now. The old catalog will be completely deprecated within the next 30 days.

The release features an all new and improved UX, with a new catalog page, fullscreen product details pages, and new test drive pages. The new UX is the foundation for much more! The new UX does away with the “widget” view for managing your purchases, viewing your spend, and taking test drives is gone. While you may still notice some of the styling from the widget, we will be replacing the styling completely over the coming months within the new catalog.

We also wanted to provide a bit of background on why we’ve gone in this direction. We received consistent feedback that the popover widget was disruptive to the customer browsing experience. After performing our own UX studies, we agreed and the new product details and customer portal pages are now full screen experiences. As an additional benefit, the new catalog is also much easier to navigate on a mobile device!

Please try it out and let us know what you think by tweeting at us or sending us feedback here. If you’re interested in a demo, let us know here!