Orbitera GCP Test Drive Program FAQ


What is now part of the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program?

We are offering Google Cloud Technology Partners an opportunity to create, publish and run a Test Drive of your proprietary software on Google Cloud Platform ( “GCP” ). This includes one custom-built GCP Test Drive (per partner) and a subscription to the Orbitera Test Drive management platform along with onboarding and training — retail value upwards of $10K — at no cost.

What is a Test Drive?

Test Drives are great lead generation tools that can accelerate your sales cycle. Test Drives are time-bound, pre-configured trials of cloud-hosted software that allow your customers to try software before they purchase at no cost. You have full visibility into all aspects of your customer’s Test Drive (e.g. time spent in the trial, number of Test Drives launched) and can integrate your trial with your CRM / marketing automation systems to drive higher conversion rates and sales of your software.

Who can participate?

Any Google Cloud Technology Partner can participate.

I am not a Cloud Technology Partner. Can I participate?

We’re happy work with you – complete this form.

How do I participate?

Complete this form or speak with your partner manager.

What are my commitments to participate?

You must be a Google Cloud Technology Partner to participate. You will receive a separate Orbitera Test Drive agreement for signature before launch. We also recommend integrating your marketing automation system with Orbitera’s real-time lead sharing.

What are the costs?

The Orbitera Test Drive platform subscription will be available to you at no cost. Google will offer up to $8K of development work fees toward your Test Drive which fully covers most cases. More involved or complex use cases may incur additional cost and this effort will be scoped and agreed to by both parties before any work towards creating your Test Drive is started. You are responsible for the GCP infrastructure costs associated with operating and maintaining your Test Drive. You may apply your GCP Sandbox Credits towards this cost.

Can we create more than one Test Drive?

One Test Drive is included as part of the Technology Partner program; Orbitera can manage many Test Drives for a single partner.  Please contact your Google Cloud partner manager, Orbitera account executive, or orbitera-testdrive@google.com.

Orbitera used to support Test Drives on multiple cloud platforms. Has this changed?

Orbitera supports Test Drives on multiple clouds. The Google team shares Orbitera’s vision for seamless purchase and deployment of IT services across heterogeneous cloud infrastructure. At this time, there is no change to the services we are providing and we will continue to support existing cloud platforms.

Does this program apply to Test Drives on AWS and Azure?

This promotion only applies to Test Drives on GCP; please contact your Google Cloud partner manager, Orbitera account executive, or send an email to orbitera-testdrive@google.com to learn more about creating a suite of Test Drives on AWS, Azure and GCP.

What happened to the promotion?

The Test Drive promotion was a limited time offer and expired April 30, 2017. Due to the popularity of the program, the benefits of the promotion have been incorporated in the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program.

Please contact orbitera-testdrive@google.com with additional questions.