We are excited to announce that Orbitera has been acquired by Google. When we first started Orbitera, our mission was to enable frictionless sales of cloud-based enterprise software and services. Becoming part of the Google Cloud Platform team allows us to continue and accelerate toward this goal.

The Google Cloud Platform team shares our vision for seamless purchase and deployment of IT services across heterogeneous cloud infrastructure. It quickly became clear to us that becoming a part of Google would lead to the best possible outcome for our customers. We will continue to deliver the products and services our customers rely on with the added scale that Google provides.

We cannot thank our customers enough for their continued support. We value your feedback and will be as transparent as possible with our future plans. At this time, there is no change to the services we are providing and we will continue to support existing cloud platforms. Finally, thank you to our employees, investors, and advisors. We’d particularly like to thank Mike Hirshland at Resolute Ventures, Mark Mullen at Double M Partners, and the Boxador team. We’ve been privileged to work with all of you over the past few years and look forward to the next step in our journey.

Marcin Kurc, CEO
Firas Bushnaq, Co-Founder and Chief Architect
Brian Singer, Co-Founder and COO

PS You can read Google’s announcement at the Google Cloud Platform Blog.