A lot has been happening here at Orbitera, and we want to keep you up to date. Please take the time to review all of the new features and announcements that have been launched in the last month.

Orbitera Platform Enhancements

Reports V2

New to the Billing module is the Reports V2 option. Now you have complete control over your Report columns, grouping and filters just like a pivot table. Some of the features of the new reporting module and how it is different from Reports V1 are:

  • There is a new menu in the upper right corner of the window where you will find report features, generate invoice, filters, grouping and column selection.
  • The columns on reports are now customizable including add/remove, select/deselect, and reorder.
  • Date selection is now at the top left of page and supports custom date ranges.

A few things we are still working on:

  • Not all of the currently available billing and customer reports are available in v2
  • Groupings by tags is not yet supported in the V2 Reports.  We have provided a “Back to v1 Reports” link at the top left below data selection. This will be coming soon.
  • For SaaS manual usage imports, the report no longer provides Import Usage Data. This has feature has been moved to the Billing Imports module as a “New Job” in the upper right of the window.

Try out the new v2 Billing Reports to answer your detailed billing questions

Portal Reskin

If you’ve logged into the Orbitera Admin Portal recently you probably noticed some changes to the user interface and layout. The entire portal has been refreshed with a Material design to make it easier to navigate and use. We’ve received great feedback on the changes so far and will continue to introduce enhanced UX experiences that improve the usability and functionality in the portal.

We’re always looking at ways to further improve the experience – please share your ideas

Multi Currency Support

Software in the global economy is transacted in a number of currencies, and we’re excited to roll out features to better support our global customer base! We recently launched a currency selector in the dashboard that makes it easier to see cloud and software spend across a variety of currencies that are defined in the currency table under Settings -> Currencies. You can also set a default currency in the currency table, and your dashboards and invoices will default to that currency for all your customers. Soon we will be adding a currency selector to the new Reports module, providing even more flexibility when analyzing your billing data.

Try out multiple currency support in dashboards and start selling in multiple currencies.

Cloud Provider Corner

Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services

  • AWS announced a new benefit for EC2 Reserved Instances called “Instance Size Flexibility.” This enables the discounts of an RI (only Regional RIs) to automatically apply to usage from any size in an instance type family. Orbitera fully supports this new AWS Reserved Instance (RI) Size Flexibility.

Learn more:

Microsoft Azure – Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program

  • We have added more features to support Microsoft CSP. You can now Create or Link Microsoft customer Identity directly in the Orbitera management portal. Once you have your customer setup in Orbitera, you can one-click create customer Azure subscriptions which are automatically mapped as Cloud Accounts.

Try out this feature in the Customers Module in the Orbitera partner portal.