Google Cloud Services Partner Testimonial

SADA Systems uses Orbitera’s self-service portals to provide customers visibility into cloud usage and spend

Some of the greatest challenges in adopting cloud are structuring the adoption and use of multi-cloud environments and managing the risk of runaway costs, all while maintaining transparency into departmental spend. Customers need to be able to monitor spend relative to budgets, charge back to departments, and analyze usage for areas of optimization.

Providing that information is one of the key services that Google Cloud Premier Partner SADA Systems offers. SADA gives customers reports about data usage and costs, peaks and valleys of bandwidth use, monthly invoices and more. Many of its customers use multiple cloud providers and want complete information about how they use each.

To provide all that, SADA was using home-built tools. It took days to create each report. Customers had no way of getting the information themselves.

SADA wanted to automate the process and build a customer portal so its more than 80 clients could get detailed cloud usage information whenever they want. That would not only save SADA time and money, it would also provide its customers with a powerful new tool for managing how they use the cloud. To solve the problem, SADA chose Orbitera, citing accuracy and compatibility with other major cloud platforms.

“Orbitera was our clear choice because it was far more accurate than any other solution we tried. No other solution worked so well with the most popular cloud platforms,” says Simon Margolis, director of Cloud Platform for SADA.

A self-service customer portal puts information at customer fingertips
Using Orbitera, SADA built a self-service portal so its customers could get reports and information whenever they want, not just at the end of the month. They can dig down deep using advanced analytics to see how much they use and spend for each service on each cloud platform. They can also subscribe to usage data so that the information is delivered directly to their inboxes on a schedule they choose. This is especially useful for customers who need to monitor for usage spikes to better gauge and control their overall spending.

With Orbitera, onboarding new cloud customers takes very little time. “We’re able to build a dashboard right out of the box, with minimal customization,” says Lauren Grimshaw, Director of Project Management for SADA. “Once a customer signs a contract, we can create their logins and have a dashboard ready for them in 30 minutes or less.”

Reducing costs while pleasing customers
Orbitera has helped SADA improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, while reducing costs. Because SADA no longer needs to manually create reports, it says it has saved over 40 staff hours per month, freeing up employees for higher-value tasks such as helping customers make better use of cloud services. This is particularly valuable given SADA’s growth rate of 300% for cloud consumption, says the company, because it helps SADA handle more customers without having to add substantially to its staff.

SADA also uses an Orbitera budgeting feature to help customers control costs. Customers can create alerts that tell them when they may be headed for cost overruns, so they can take actions to forestall them.

One of the biggest benefits SADA has gained from Orbitera is better customer relationships. “The combination of Orbitera’s self-service portal providing detailed multi-cloud usage information, and our staff being able to concentrate on hands-on advice has improved customer loyalty, reduced churn and helped us attract new clients,” Margolis says.

At a Glance

Orbitera Results:

  • SADA is able to provide customers accurate visibility into near real-time cloud usage and spend, providing opportunities to mitigate risk and manage budgets more effectively.
  • SADA can onboard customers and provision dashboards quickly, within 30 minutes.
  • SADA saved over 40 staff hours per month, freeing up employees for higher-value tasks such as helping customers make better use of cloud services. This is particularly valuable given SADA’s growth rate of 300% for cloud consumption.
  • SADA has seen a 30% increase in customer engagement by leveraging self-service portals and data surfaced through Orbitera to drive meaningful conversations.

About SADA

SADA Systems, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, offers IT and business consulting, cloud migration, custom application development, managed services, change management and training services to clients worldwide.

About Orbitera

Orbitera simplifies and automates cloud commerce and enables the frictionless sales of cloud-based enterprise software and services. It provides a commerce platform that makes buying and selling software in the cloud simple, seamless and scalable for all kinds of businesses, including independent software vendors, service providers and IT channel organizations. Orbitera was acquired by Google in 2016.

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