There are three challenges ISVs face when trying to increase margin, boost sales and continue success. These are Disintermediation, Operations and Control.

If cloud commerce is truly your goal, then get on board and figure out how to capitalize on these challenges!


When software is being sold to customers through third-party marketplaces, ISVs lose the opportunity to connect with customers directly. Solve the Disintermediation challenge and you’re 1/3 of the way to success.


Cloud has enormously accelerated the rate at which customers can try and purchase new technologies. Most organizations can’t deal with the deluge of data coming their way from consumption models while keeping their businesses humming along. Support the sale and the deployment of your service seamlessly and your Operations challenge will go away.


Don’t let others manage implementation, support and on-boarding. ISVs can take charge and be in control by managing the customer experience. Excellence can be attained by doing business properly in the cloud. And services rendered via the cloud can create more consistent and higher margins for ISVs while providing clarity and reliability for their customers.

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